Autel MK808 OTOFIX D1 Series Logos for Car Brands

Here are the Manufacturer logos on an Autel MK808TS.

Just copy these to the scan folder, there are still some logo’s not done in the hidden all.img folder, but they all appear fine, every time there is an update, just re-copy over to get logos back. images are 193 * 140 and are PNG if you want to change any of them.

Download Here from

It works on OTOFIX D1 Lite as well.
Copy the Scan folder to /sdcard/ and select apply to all and overwrite using ES file explorer.
Repeat after updating.
Some of them appear cropped as the D1 logo pngs are 310×310 pixels and the ones in the download are 193×140. CBF to convert them.
Free to test it on other MK808 series and D1 series.
OTOFIX D1 Lite Car Brand Logo
Everytime it installs an update it will delete them. Autel was threatened with copyright lawsuits that’s why they don’t have them anymore.
It only takes a few seconds to copy paste the scan folder again after an update. The logos are still there in another location on the device in the autel tools but not in the otofix D1 lite.