OBDSTAR DC706 Failed to Read GM Bosch T93 TCM?


One of our customers was trying to read and write GMC Bosch T93 TCM with OBDSTAR DC706 and P003 adapter but had no luck.

Image attached:

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 1

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 4

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 2

Obdstar Dc706 Chevrolet T93 3

There are Global A and Global B platforms in T93 Transmission Control Module.

DC706 now only supports Global A T93 before year 2020.

Read and write INT eeprom/flash for -2020 Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC Bosch T93 SPC5888.


If failed to read ad Global A T93 TCM, provide device serial number, vehicle model, year and operation date to obdstar engineer to check data log.


It cannot read and write 2020- T93 Global B.

For Global B T93 need HPTuner.