OBDSTAR MP001 vs P003 vs P003+ Adapter

What is the difference between OBDSTAR MP001, P003 and P003+ adapter?

Obdstar Mp001

Obdstar P003 Vs P003 Plus

Part 1: P003 vs P003+


Both P003 adapters are used with OBDSTAR DC706 to read ECM/ECUs.


The P003+ adapter handles up to 4 right inputs, the normal P003 only has two.
It is doubled on the P003+ and P003+ has faster clock frequency than P003.

That’s one of the main differences.

OBDSTAR P003+ is compatible with P003 and supports the following models that require a higher frequency clock during the decryption process (ME9.0, MED9.1, MED9.6.1, ME9.6.1, MED9.5.10, EDC16C39, EDC16CP35, EDC16C8).

If DC706 says the function only supported by P003+ adapter and MP001, you cannot use normal P003.

Obdstar Dc706 Clone Gm E69 Ecm 8

Part II: OBDSTAR MP001 vs P003+


OBDSTAR MP001 handles up to 12 inputs and it has a faster clock frequency than P003/P003+.

Also, the MP001 has other capabilities as well it can also read eeproms and a couple of other things.

MP001 covers P003+ and has more SIMOS 18 than P003+( because the boot mode of SlMOS 18 is very special and needs more lO ports to be supported, P003+ has 4 lO ports and can’t support it), and since MP001 has up to 12 lO ports, it can meet all future ECM requirements.

MP001 can replace P003, P002 and P001 adapter as well.

So if you get the MP001, you don’t need to buy P003/P003+/P002.


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