How to Download KYDZ MLB Tool Software?

Where to download KYDZ MLB tool key programming device software? Here is the clue.



KYDZ MLB PC Software:

Free download KYZD MLB Tool PC Software

Download address 1
Download address 2
Download address 3

Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11 (part of)


Software including:

Software for KYDZ MLB Tool (generate MLB key)

Software for 5C OBD Helper (program MLB key)

KYDZ Mlb Tool Softwware

MLB Tool Software 0

How to Install KYDZ MLB tool software?

1. Extract the downloaded installation package “KYDZ_MLB.rar”
2. Run KYDZMLB_Tools.exe as administrator

MLB Tool Software 0 1 MLB Tool Software 1 MLB Tool Software 2 MLB Tool Software 3

How to Change 5C OBD software Language:

Software comes in Chinese in default. Press ‘English’ icon on the top right corner, software will be switched to English.

KYDZ MLB Tool 5C OBD Software Language 1

KYDZ MLB Tool 5C OBD Software Language 2



KYDZ MLB Tool App:


Scan QR code below to download KYDZ App for iOS and Android

KYDZ MLB Tool App 1

Then register KYDZ App with phone number and password

KYDZ MLB Tool App 2

Go to More function->MLB Tool Assistant to use MLB tool functions

KYDZ MLB Tool App 3