How to Use KYDZ MLB Tool to Program VAG MLB Key?

The KYDZ MLB tool is used to calculate data and program dealer key for VW Audi Porsche Lamborghini Bentley MLB platform models. No need to get in car to collect, you can use the original MLB key.


Here is the procedure to generate and program dealer key with the KYDZ MLB tool.


Open the original key shell and remove the main control chip QFN64 package

Place the main control chip into the adapter or weld it on the adapter board

How To Use MLB Tool 1

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 1

How to Program dealer key with the MLB tool?

Step 1: Calculate Data online

1.. Run MLB Tool App

Read original key IDE

Select Calculate.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 2

2. Confirm chip has cooled down.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 3

Calculate data.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 4

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 5

3. Record Service ID and select Generate Dealer Key

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 6

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 7

4. Put the key in the coil position of KYDZ.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 8

Select Identification.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 9

Here is key info:

Uninitialized – able to generate

KYDZ Uninitialized – able to generate and given once for calculation after use

Initialized – ask help from pro tech

Locked – unable to generate

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 10

Confirm service ID is the same as the previous result.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 11

Select Generate dealer key.

Then close page and back to main menu.

Select OBD Learn.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 12

Open the hood of the car

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 13

Step 2: Learn Key

Run MLB OBD Match App

Switch language

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 14

Select the corresponding serial port and select to open the serial port

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 15

Select Original Car Key ID.

Write the lost key ID of the original car into the key to be matched.

Only the key with the key ID of FF or kydz can change the IDE.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 16

Select Force Update Firmware.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 17

Select Learning key and follow notes.

Kydz Mlb Tool Instruction 18


You can aslo program key with Lonsdor k518 pro after generating dealer key.

Lonsdor K518 Pro Mlb Menu Path


Take Audi Q7 MLB as an example:

Here is the instruction to generate Audi Q7 MLB smart key using the new KYDZ MLB Tool.



MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 1

Remove the circuit board from the original MLB key
Weld chip to this MLB key tool board

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 2

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 3

Then connect device with laptop
Run KYDZ MLB Tool software
Press Calculate data, this process takes about 5 mins

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 4
The indicator light on the MLB tool will flash when reading data

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 5
This is the key ID

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 6

Calculate data finished. Start to upload data to server.

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 7
The indicator light on the MLB indicator also flashes when uploading data.
Upload data completed. Start to calculate password. This procedure takes about 4 min.

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 8
You will see service number. Record the service number. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 9

If software shows this, just press Read password to continue.

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 10

Wait for the MLB tool indicators go out. CS code is calculated and saved.

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 11

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 12

Then put a new key on the KYDZ MLB programmer

Press Generate dealer key->Identify key

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 13

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 14
It will show key ID. This is a brand new Uninitialized key.

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 15
If lost one original car key, only 1 left, you can write the lost key ID number here.
(only the original key with IDE: FF can be modified.)

Now we don’t need it. We have both original keys.
Generate dealer key directly.
So generate dealer key successfully.

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 16

MLB Tool Program Audi Q7 Key 17

Remove chip from MLB tool board and install it back to the original key PCB. Then install PCB back to shell.

Now you can program new key with Lonsdor.



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