Lonsdor K518 Pro Add VAG MLB Key Programming

Lonsdor K518 Pro and K518ISE series released a super update on Dec. 26th, 2023.


Adds MLB platform key programming for Audi VW Porsche Bently and Lamborghini
Requires to use with KYDZ specific MLB key reading/writing tool.


*K518 will only add key to MLB system. Cannot do all keys lost yet.

Lonsdor Update MLB Key

Need to generate dealer key with KYDZ MLB tool first, then program key with Lonsdor K518 series programmers.

Original MLB key is recommended (more stable).

KYDZ Mlb Tool 1

Menu path in Lonsdor K518 series:

Immo & Remote->Audi ->MLB ->Add key->Program key

Lonsdor K518 Pro Mlb Menu Path

Volkswagen Group MLB platform:

Volkswagen Group markets the strategy under the code name MLB, which stands for Modularer Längsbaukasten, translating from German to “Modular Longitudinal Matrix”. MLB is one strategy within VW’s overall MB (Modulare Baukasten or modular matrix) program which also includes the similar MQB strategy for its vehicles with transverse engine orientation.


The MLB platform includes the Audi A4 B8, A5, A6, A7, A8, the Porsche Macan and others. Cars using these platforms are more expensive to be produced since the engine needs to be engineered below the passenger seats. The MLB platform uses a longitudinal engine. This type of engines is used when the vehicle requires a larger engine and is usually used in rear-wheel vehicles even though some manufacturers like Audi has used it for front-wheel drive systems. Longitudinal engines are mounted down the central line of the car. In terms of driving dynamics there is a more even distribution which makes the car more predictable on the road. This type of engines is usually used for sports cars where the interior space is not that important and the car can take advantage of a more powerful engine. This is the reason why usually more premium cars use it.



The KYDZ MLB tool can generate dealer key for following MLB models:


A4L 2017-
A5 2017-
A6L 2019-
Q5L 2018-
Q7 2016-
A8 2017-
RS4 2019-
RS5 2019-
RS6 2019-
RS7 2021-
RS Q8 2021-
A4 2016-
A5 2017-
S4 2016-
S5 2017-
A7 2019-
S7 2020-
A8 2018-
A8 ne energy 2021-
S8 2021-
Q7 New Energy 2017-


Taycan 2019-
Panamera 2017-
Panamera New Energy 2017-
Cayenne 2018-
Cayenne New Energey 2019-
911 2019-


Touareg 2019-

Urus 2018-


Flying Spur 2020-
Flying Spur Hybrid 2022-
Bentayga 2016-
Bentayga Hybrid 2019-
Continental 2016-

MLB Car List 1

MLB Car List 2