Foxflash Adds DCM6.2A 6.2V 6.2C PCR2.1 Simos 18.1 VR Files

Foxflash released new Manager tool version 1.3.9 on Dec. 26th, 2023.


Manager -VR file- Checksum fix -FW update

December 26, 2023

We hereby declare that we have some Christmas update.


FoxFlash 1.3.9 Update:

OBD VR file update:

MED17.5.25 DCM6.2A DCM6.2V DCM6.2C

PCR2.1 SIMOS18.1 EDC17C74


foxFlash Manager Update:

FW update to D086

Notifications add


Checksum fix:

Marelli 9DF

Marelli MJD602.M1 – 603.S3

Bosch   EDC17CP44

Foxflash V1.3.9 1

How to update:

Update Foxflash Manager