Autel KM100 Mazda ID49 ‘Keyless Entry Malfunction’ Solution

One of customers reported that he has a Mazda CX-5 ID49 all keys lost and program 1 Autel universal key with Autel KM100 but it has a warning on the dash ‘Keyless Entry Malfunction’ (key icon).


Possible Reason:

You generated it with the wrong FCC ID it’s not accurate that’s why there is a warning on the dash.



Need the correct fcc id. If you used the WAZSKE13D01 and the key indicator stays on use SKE13D01 or vice versa.

Choose the exact same remote it had then generate your ikey and you will be good to go.

Autel KM100 also has the option to delete the warning with an original key.  Go to Mazda ID49 smart key light repair function.  Use this option then do akl on car procedure and malfunction will be deleted. If use this option, it must be original key.

Autel Km100 Mazda Cx 5 Akl Id49

Or just program an original key, then you do the procedure, you get the original used ones and they don’t leave that light on the dash.