Xtool KC501 Adds VAG MQB NEC35XX Key Programming

Xtool tech released a new VAG Software update on September 10th, 2023. This update adds VAG MQB all keys lost programming.



Add all keys lost programming for MQB cluster (on bench)
Add all keys lost programming for NEC35XX cluster (on bench)
Add key programming for IMMO4 MQB cluster

Xtool Update Mqb 1

The function requires to use Xtool KC501 programmer.

Xtool KC501 V10.24

Adds DFLASH/PFLASH data read/write for
VW MQB, VW NEC35XX clusters

Xtool Update Mqb 2

Xtool KC501 is compatible with Xtool X100 PAD3, PAD3 SE, X100 MAX, D8, D8BT, D9, D9 Pro, A80, A80 Pro, A80 Pro Master, IK608, IP819 etc.

But no all devices support MQB (or doing less). X100 PAD3, PAD3 SE, IK 608 IMMO tablets + KC501 are recommended.

Check update information and wiring diagram in the device.

Check MQB immo coverage on www.xtooltech.com

Xtool Kc501 2