How to Set up Autel MaxiFlash J2534 with wiTech 2.0?

Q1: Any way to program a Chrysler with an Autel MaxiFlash elite j2534? Witech 2.0 isn’t letting it program?

Q2: What are you doing to get wiTECH2.0 to recognize your MaxiFlash Elite J2534 interface devices?

Q3: If I’d be able to use a Autel J2534 to flash a Dodge ECM or do I need Chrystler’s proprietary J2534 jbox, the WiTech Micropod?


Some users reported that they have problems with Maxiflash and wiTECH 2.0. wiTECH (have subscriptions to wiTECH, Tech Authority, and a vin subscription for this) is not recognized maxiflash elite.

Autel Maxiflash WiTECH2.0 1

Autel Maxiflash WiTECH2.0 2

Autel Maxiflash WiTECH2 5

Here is the tip to set up Autel MaxiFlash J2534 with wiTech 2.0.


Through the official channels, gonna pay for the 3 day subscription to tech authority, and then the 3 day subscription to access the ECU software and the activation fee for the J2534 device.

1. Register your laptop with witech

2. assign your subscription to your laptop

3. Install Autel j2534 pc suite driver, the laptop sees the maxiflash. Also make sure jbox firmware is up-to-date.

4. open the Witech J2534 software desktop app. always running as admin. When you open the witech app on your desktop, there should be a way to select the device. Make sure Autel passthru is listed

If witech does not recognize maxiflash j2534, go back to Mopar web page and download the witech 2.0 J2534 software and try again. Don’t use the cloud-based witech 2.0 application.

Autel Maxiflash WiTECH2.0 3

Autel Maxiflash WiTECH2 4

If get error “Unable to verify DLL signature”, Just hit ok. Its fine. Its just saying its not a validated device. It may come up 2x.



FYI: Some also reported they had hard time with Autel and witech2. Sometimes it freezes, corrupts, app crashes causing no communication.

Better use Cardaq+3 and OEM MicroPod3 with the WITECH2 software.