Which Tool to Remove VAG Component Protection?

Component Protection (CP) is a scheme by which some control modules must be adapted to the vehicle with the help of the servers on VAG’s mothership. It first arrived in the bigger Audis in the mid 2000’s (4E/D3 A8, 4F/C6 A6) and spread slowly from there.

This means that a new or used replacement module that has CP will not be fully functional until it is matched. It’s ostensible purpose was to prevent stolen modules (or parts from stolen cars) from being transplanted to other cars, but it has also been referred to as “Dealer Profit Protection”.


To this day, there are generally three generations of component protection in VAG:

Generation 1 can be seen in Audi A8 2003+, A6/ A6 Allroad and Q7 2004+
Generation 2 is the one seen in cars produced between 2008 and 2015
Generation 3 has been installed in vehicles from 2016 onward.


So which tool to remove VAG component protection?



ODIS Online

Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units – ONLY VAG’s online diagnostic system can perform this job correctly. Other tools may remove component protection – but will risk damaging new components irreparably while attempting to perform this task.


Possible remove CP with odis offline? No, only online.

You will need a vas5054a, vxdiag vcx se 6154, cardaq-M or other J2534 adapters with online account.

Odis Remove Component Peorection 1 Odis Remove Component Peorection 2





Xhorse VVDI2:

vvdi2 vag will remove component for older VW Audi cars till 2009/2008. It is not good on newer VAG cars.

Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection

This function allows customer to adapt used parts on other cars.
Generally requires 2 steps:
1.Reset the module to virgin state
2. Adapt the module to other car.
Vehicle compatible:

Generation 1: Audi A8 (2003-2010) modules, Audi A6/Q7/Allroad (2004-2008) part modules

Generation 2: All other models of A6/Q7/Allroad and A4/A5/Q5 modules.


You need dump from both gateway module from the car you work on and car you get climate unit.
More easy, open your old clima, and change the eeprom.
Read eeprom 95320 in Gateway, and load dump eeprom dump and reset CP.


Operation steps shown as images below:

Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 1 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 2 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 3 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 4 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 5 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 6 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 7 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 8 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 9 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 10 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 11 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 12 Vvdi2 Remove Component Protection 13




Autel IM608 used to be able to component protection. People have done many cars.

BUT the component protection function was removed from the IM608. Auro IM600 can still do this.

Autel Ultra from IMEA area (buy from local region) will do VAG online programming and component protection function. MSUltra online products cannot do CP removal.

Autel Ultra Online Programming

So currently no Autel scanners (online products) will remove CP.  Launch X431 all scanners cannot remove CP either. 

You need Odis and account to remove component protection on transmissions.



AVDI Abrites: VN002 & VN017 license

A large amount of AVDI component protection abilities are concentrated in the VN002 Special Function License. Here is a brief list of what you can expect, if you have the VN002 and you are planning to do component protection:

Component Protection Generation 1
Audi A8 2003-2010: MMI, CD-Changer, ILM, DSP, seats, and all other  modules
Audi A6/Q7 2004-2008: some of the modules, such as MP3 player, CD changer
Audi A5/Q5 2007-2012: MMI 2G modules
*The master in this procedure is the Immobilizer.

Component Protection Generation 2
(possible only if you have dump from the gateway* of the donor vehicle)
Audi A6/A7/A8/Q7 2004-2010: EZS-Kessy, Comfort module, Climantronic, Airbag, Instrument cluster, infotainment, and other modules
Audi A4/A5/Q5 2007-2015: EZS-Kessy, Comfort module, Climantronic, Airbag, Instrument cluster, infotainment, and other modules
Audi A6/A7/A8/ and VW Touareg 2010+: Dashboard, Infotainment and Climatronic modules by OBDII
*The master here is the gateway. The Abrites software products for VAG support both TEMIC, and LEAR Gateways.


VN017, the next step in component protection. Recently, AVDI Abrites has the CP Online capability.
AVDI recently released a new function for Component Protection. This function was created with a focus on the vehicles produced between 2010 and 2017 which were not covered by VN002 because of the fact that they use a different ideology and required us to input a totally different approach to overcoming CP for them.

The only condition for that is the donor and host gateways to be present. The VN017 allows replacing ALL component protection related modules (most of them by OBDII).

VN017 enables you to read and update the component protection bytes of the Lear Gateway, replace dashboards, infotainment, CEM and Climatronic modules, for example.

The Lear Gateway component security reading and updating, as well as the dashboard and infotainment replacement are done by OBD, while the Central Electric Module (CEM) replacement is done by dump. These procedures do NOT require the donor gateway and the original module, which makes working much easier than before!

Supported models (with gateway LEAR):

– Audi A6/A7/A8 2010-2017
– VW Touareg 2010-2017





FVDI 2014/2018/2020 will remove compotent protection.


1.I’ve done remove component protection audi a6 c6 with fvdi 2014

2. I have made confort panel and dash with fvdi 2014. Works good but you need dump from gateway donor car and all ok don’t try read dump via fvdi i try it and make confort modul loked in boost mode.

3. fvdi 2014 and abrites commander did the job perfect, BUT i needed the dump from gateway from donor car and the car i wanted to install the module to.

4. fvdi 2020 work for 24c and Component protection.

if you have SVCI, if you had read the file from donor car gateway module, you could log out the amplifier and based on reading the file from the gateway module of the car in which the module is to be mounted.

*FVDI is discontinued. SVCI soon will be discontinued.



vag can pro/vcds/launch x431 do not remove compotent protection on any ecu. Avdi can put too much headache because need dump. odis simple and fast. Plus best part is it works with most of the passthru device.