Autel IM608 Failed to Program Dodge RAM 2019 2020 Key?

Here comes a similar problem:

2019 Dodge Ram DT 1500. Autel IM608 pulled pin code but would fail every time to program key. I thought it was a key issue but another tool (code cannibal) programmed no problem. I used the same star cable for both tools.

I was successful with a Ram with autel before too, but seems like only certain part numbers are supported. I tried every variable with autel on this one and nothing worked.

Dodge Ram 1500 Key 2

Dodge Ram 1500 Key 1


Autel doesn’t program key for Dodge Ram of the big radio. G2 turbo same thing.

The best tool to program key for this is Xtool. Never had an issue with xtool.

code cannibal or obdstar x300 dp plus will do it without problem as well.

obdstar will pull Pin Code and program key for 2020 Dodge Ram 1500/ 2018-2020 Dodge Ram 2500/ 2018-2020 Dodge Ram 3500. 

– Requires Can Gateway Bypass Cable, Star Connector, or CanBus Probe
– Program Keys and Ability to Exit/Enter Transport Mode (Shipping Mode)