What Programmer to Program Renault Captur II 2019- All Keys Lost?

Renault captur 2 2021 4A smart card (AES chip proximity card) all keys lost can be done?? What device to use?




OBDSTAR engineer confirmed x300 dp plus/x300 pro4 will add key and do all keys lost for Captur II 2019-.

Update Renault version to latest.

You may need Renault gateway adapter to bypass pin.

Battery support on.
Used adapter and stable internet.

With Key Master DP / DP Plus, Captur makes flash reading and writing after 2015 while making a key. The device will tell you the procedure you need to follow. With the new version, all keys lost in Clio 4, Captur, Megane 4, Kadjar etc. have been added. This feature is currently not attached to any device (Abrites, Zedfull etc.).

Flash says you need to remove the key after reading and writing, then you need to insert the same key again. If you insert a different key, an error occurs. After getting an error, start the process all over again. This time it will not read flash. Because you’ve done it before. You should start processing with the new key. The result will be successful.





Autel MaxiIM IM508/IM608/IM608Pro will only add key (blade and smart) for captur 2 2019-, cannot do all keys lost.

Autel Im608 Renault Captur II

For some models, the gateway must be unlocked for the execution of the function.
Gateway unlocking is not directly related to PIN reading.

For a small number of models, PIN code reading may fail. In this case, you can ask a third party to verify the PIN code to complete learning.


There are two ways to unlock the gateway.

Auto unlock via OBD (this is chargeable. You may need to redo the payment after learning failure) and manual unlocking (a dedicated gateway connector is required).

If the auto lock via OBD fails, you will enter the manual unlock process. You can unlock it manually by referring to the user guide.


Here is an example of add a spare key to Renault Captur 2 2020.

Function requires network connection.

Connect IM608 with vehicle
Select Renault-> Auto Selection-> Detect VIN->Smart Key

Confirm vehicle information

Autel Im608 Renault Captur 2 2020 Add Key 1

Autel Im608 Renault Captur 2 2020 Add Key 2
Immo status scan
Add key (Guided)

Autel Im608 Renault Captur 2 2020 Add Key 3

Pay for the unlock service $8.8 via paypal.

Autel Im608 Renault Captur 2 2020 Add Key 4


Reading the PIN code

Program key


Autel Im608 Renault Captur 2 2020 Add Key 5

Autel Im608 Renault Captur 2 2020 Add Key 6


SmartPro: Yes

With Renault Bypass Cable ADC2017 you can program Captur II all keys lost.

The bypass cable allows locksmiths to programme safely new proximity keys for the
Renault* Clio V, Captur II and Zoë models from 2019 onwards.

The cable connects the Smart Pro directly to the vehicle’s Body Control Module (BCM) bypassing the secure gateway module. The two 40 pin connectors, male and female,
plug directly into the BCM whilst the two 16 pin connectors are used to connect the
Smart Pro to the vehicle OBD if power is needed.

Smartpro Renault