2022 Honda Civic S6J336A Mileage Correction by CG100

What programmer can read and write 2022 Honda Civic S6J336A MCU?

SMOK JTAG is only for Accord, with S6J3000. Stool and Mtool cannot read it either.

Cg100 Honda Civic S6J336A 1

CG100 Prog III has this option.

Menu path: Odometer->Asian car->Honda->Civic->2021- S6J336AHTB

CG100 will only read and write this mcu. You have to contact CG100 technical support to modify data then write modified data back to mcu.

Cg100 Honda Civic S6J336A 3

*If MCU is not encrypted, CG100 reads it without problem. If encrypted, it reads all FFF.

Follow the pinout here.

Cg100 Honda Civic S6J336A 2

And another tools reads FF. ECU is closed by password.

Cluster: 78100-T21-A730-M1
Cluster MFG: NS (Nippon Seiki)
Car: Honda Civic 2022 (11gen)
Family: S6J336x
Full chip name: S6J336AHTB


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