How to Modify and Update AMT BST Black Box

Here are the tips to update AMT BST clone black box plastic programmer to offline and modify hardware to better read ECUs.

Only black box support The ecu bench tool golden box only As for the modification, it should be work with gold box and fetrotech tool (tested).



All credit to MHHAUTO veterans. You are at your risk.


Part I: Update AMT BST black box clone

Update AMT BST black box to the latest version

You have to install the software comes with your device,…g-jI77_QZM
Install the drivers from the driver folder
Connect the device and wait to be recognized.
Open the software  (If you are online don’t make any upgrade). Check if it is connected to an ecu.

Copy and paste all the files from the folder in the link to your AmtBst folder  and replace all the old files…SHpOg-rx4c

Next time you will open the program your device will be updated, If you are online everytime you open will ask to furter software upgrade, Don’t do it.

Now it works offline with version

Bst Med17

Another feedback:

I did an update on my black box without internet connection and it does work offline.
I only read a ford edc16c34 from 2011 (new spc) with the latest version software
I’ve used it and update it only without internet connection.
By the way I didn’t find the pinout in the documentation so I’ve used the pinout from pcmflash module 77.
You can find the pinout on pcmflash site on english version.



The newer black box comes with software already.  In this case you don’t need to update the black box.

There is a duplicate installer zipped and you just ignored that and used the one in the main directory.

Also installed the drivers from the rar in the main directory, then this tool never needed to update and the software works perfect, Please ignore the update when online but will just add it to the firewall to block it.



Part II: How to Improve/Modify AMT Black Box Version

Improve AMT Black Box Version to better read VAG ME9.

This version works well with edc16 and edc17 but there were problems with vag med9. Look at the gpt signals:
1) Read ID – ОК (but not always, sometimes need to run several times):

Modify Amt Bst Black Box 1Modify Amt Bst Black Box 2

Modify Amt Bst Black Box 9

2) Read Flash – Error:

Modify Amt Bst Black Box 3

Modify Amt Bst Black Box 4
So, as we can see, the problem is in the wrong form of GPT signals (always must be meandr 10kHz and 15.625 kHz). In addition, the signal is rather weak – less than 5 volts, I was researching the circuit, it was assembled not quite correctly, on bipolar transistors with a large voltage drop …
Also, reading instability – is the absence of a large capacitance in the power circuit to absorb voltage drops when the ECU is powered on.
I was building an external GPT generator on Arduino Nano and using the output stage from a Chinese PCM Powerbox (with field effect transistors and level control (3.3v, 5v, 12v)):

Modify Amt Bst Black Box 5

Modify Amt Bst Black Box 6

And also soldering the 470 mkF capacitor after the diode for power supply to the supply transistor:
Modify Amt Bst Black Box 7

and lo and behold – the device reads\writes stably the MED9.1 ecu – checked 20 times.
Modify Amt Bst Black Box 8

Capacitor ( voltage rating is 470 mf 35v) has got 3 legs ( +body leg) – from BMW MEVD17 ecu ) Plus – on transistor emitter, minus – power supply minus.
Amt Bst Black Box Capacitor 1 Amt Bst Black Box Capacitor 2
Modify Amt Bst Black Box 10
People also modify the Fetrotech tool black followed this way and it worked.
It is very good modification for the fetrotech black.
renault edc16c36 all ok.
tested fetrotech black mod 470 Uf.
Modify Fetrotech Black