KT200 PSA EDC17C60 Car Not Start Solution

Here comes a similar problem:

I have a problem with an EDC17C60 on a 2018 Citoren Berlingo. I first read the original file at the KT200 in bench then adblue off, correction of the cheksum with winols and rewriting to the kt200 without correction of the checksum. Vehicle started up 2 or 3 times then won’t start. 2 defect codes: p151A and P3028.
I retried a 2nd time doing a tprot off manual without checksum correction with winols and rewriting with auto correction of cks with kt200 and ori file and still the same.
What I should do?

KT200 Citoren 2020 EDC17C60 Car Not Start 1 KT200 Citoren 2020 EDC17C60 Car Not Start 2


KT200 does Tprot and checksum no problem. Do not do Manual TPROT for this ECU – KT200/ Foxflash automatically Patches. Allow the tool to do checksum, only do manual if write fails (70-90%).

See KT200 PSA EDC17C60 No Need Tprot Off

Some people had the same problem. A lot is down to user error and or bad file solutions. Same with genuine equipment of same hardware. Your file may be badly modified with winols.

Mod ori file and do checksum.

Tprot manually and cheksum manually.  Modify original flash and do tprot off manually and checksum manually.
Write the mod file and have the checksum corrected to the tool, then write eeprom ori and you’ll see what happens.

Tprot manual by Lsuite checksum… Work perfectly.

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