Autel MaxiCOM MK808 ABS Bleed and Key Fob Review

Here is the 2022 new unbiased review on Autel MaxiCOM MK808 from one of our customers (Mr. Michael).


It’s an Autel MaxiCOM MK808. I had it for about 4 months, still with the plastic on it, for $579.

I feel I’ve peaked with my beloved FORScan and knockoff Techstream.
I want to bleed ABS pumps
I want to program key fobs
Apparently, this thing can do it.

I spent an hour to update it once received.

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I then took it outside and tried it on some stuff.

Autel Mk808 Review 4

Actual live TPMS data on a 2020 XT4

Autel Mk808 Review 5

All modules communicate on a 2001 Villager

Autel Mk808 Review 6

Bidirectional controls of all 3 cooling fan speeds on said 2001 Villager

I was hoping for ABS bleeding, but it doesn’t have an automated wizard for the Villager

Just individual control of all solenoids, and master pump on/off

My dad’s work 2010 Prius has a spongy pedal, and the pump is running too often IMO, I’ll have to see what this can do to address that

It offered key/remote programming on the xB and Camry.

I have some friends and co workers with a 2000 Eldorado and a 2006 Sonata that’d pay mildly for a keyfob

The sky’s the limit now.



It has many functions on my 2010 Milan. Nothing that FORScan couldn’t do, but still very thorough.

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Plugged it into a 2000 Eldorado (not Bay Ridge spec) to clear codes, and program a keyfob

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You can manually input an OLM % from 0-100%
The keyfob took a few tries, but eventually, I got both programmed to the correct Driver 1/Driver 2 profiles.

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Programmed a keyfob for a 2006 Sonata, and a preliminary diag on the SRS light

Took seconds.

Of course the owner was elated with the keyfob, and hadn’t noticed the airbag light.


Autel MK808 is able to do live data graphing and at least 4 PIDS it allows to graph. I think you’ll run out of screen real estate before you run out of processing power.

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