Foxflash/KT200 Read and Write Marelli 6F3 via OBD VR or Bench

Confirmed! KT200 full or foxflash ecu programmer will read and write Fiat/Lancia/Opel/Suzuki Marelli 6F3 diesel ECU via both OBD (vr reading) and bench mode.
OBD VR reading:
Marelli IAW 6f3 Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 105cv Read and WRITE OK!
All via OBD.
READ takes 1h
WRITE takes +-30min
Marelli 6f3
Bench mode: OK
Bench mode is faster than OBD VR reading
Read and write Marelli 6f3 full system, read eeprom too.
Kt200 Marelli 6f3 On Bench 3
Kt200 Marelli 6f3 On Bench 4
KT200 bench pinout to Marelli 6F3 diesel ECU
You’ve got 2 pinouts. Try another one if one does not work.
Kt200 Marelli 6f3 1
Kt200 Marelli 6f3 2
Don’t confuse with ECU 8DF.