Toyota Techstream Cable: Mini VCI V1.4.1 vs V2.0.4

Which firmware version of Toyota Techstream cable is better? Mini VCI V1.4.1 or V2.0.4?


More info about mini vci j2534 with firmware 1.4.1 & 2.0.4:

The clone cables used 1.4.1 or 1.4.6 (latest) firmware.

Mini Vci Firmware 1.4.1

The “real” cables use 2.0.1 or 2.0.4 (latest).

Mini Vci Firmware 2.0.4

They are all clone Techstream cables of course but the good fakes use the same firmware as the real Xhorse cable. The 2.0.4.


Back Story:
1) Original TechStream cable/machine costs $5000+.
2) Drew Technologies created the Mongoose MFC cable as an alternative to TechStream. It’s legit and supported for TechStream Lite but the cable costs $500.
3) XHorse is a clone of Mongoose. Costs about $100. This is “legit”. 100% works with all modern Toyotas.
4) Chinese clone mini vci of XHorse. This is what most people are buying. The good fakes use the same firmware as XHorse. These ones will work just like the XHorse except you get no L-line support for flashing ECUs. This is fine for most people.

Firmware 2.0.4 supports all the diagnostic communication protocols needed for Toyota (since 1996). Better performance and compability ( Activate Test , Customize function, ECU Reprogramming etc.) !

The latest 1.4.1 firmware interfaces have both CAN chip (xx1050) and K-Line chip (fake discontinued si9241a = LM393 in a different circuit), so they may full support these 2 protocols for Toyotas since 1996+. Only missing VPW chip (and si9241a for L-Line).

They will not work on the 2011 Prius as some on PriusChat have said.


Fake 9241A chip


Real 9421A chip

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LM393 instead of 9241a in a circuit for vag com kkl 409.1



Mini vci 2.0.4 firmware PCB

Mini Vci V204 Pcb 1 Mini Vci V204 Pcb 2



Mini VCI 1.4.1 firmware PCB

Mini Vci 141 Pcb 2

Mini Vci 141 Pcb 3


2.0.4 cable is now only available in ali or ebay, twice as expensive than 1.4.1 cable.  If you need to troubleshoot K-line Toyota/Lexus, 1.4.1 is fine. 1.4.1 is tested working with the latest Toyota.

MINI VCI Techstream V17 Tested Working on 2022 Tundra


There is no reason to try to update firmware. Interfaces with 1.41 will be bricked if you try to update firmware. There is not enough space inside the chip.

If bricked your mini vci j2534 cable, follow the DIY solution to fix it.

How to Fix Bricked Mini VCI J2534?

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