Looking for WiTech Plus for Fiat?

Question: Does anyone have Fiat witech plus software free download for use with the micropod? Because the witech micropod 2 clone only does Chrysler, cannot scan Fiat.


Fiat uses wiTech, which is the official diagnostic scan tool for Fiat Group, replacing the dated Examiner Smart HD. The wiTECH has been developed in conjunction with Chrysler to offer cutting edge diagnostics and reprogramming for the Fiat Group, including;

  • Fiat
  • Lancia
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Fiat Professional
  • Abarth

The micropod is what the fiat dealers would use, it does firmware updates to all components on the canbus network – modified clones have been created with the witech software offline which would perform all functionality of diagnostics with the exception of updates.

Witech plus will do much more than the cheap multiecuscan app.


You can find free resources on google, but the safest way is to get the hard drive if using the micropod ii clone.


The Fiat wiTech Plus hard drive contains:

  • witech plus software V17.04.27 for Fiat Lancia Alfa
  • witech v17.04.27 for Chrysler Dodge Jeep vehicles CD format (you can also download Chrysler wiTech for free)

wiTech Plus function list:

  • Automatic VIN and ECU recognition
  • DTC reading and removal – including full break down and meaning of the codes
  • Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECU’s
  • Recordable / playback of live data
  • Module programming
  • ECU re-flash
  • And numerous other dealer only functions


Multi-Languages supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Operating System: Windows 7


Fiat WiTech Plus software display:

Witech Plus Fiat 1 Witech Plus Fiat 2 Witech Plus Fiat 3 Witech Plus Fiat 4 Witech Plus Fiat 5