Tips to Read VAG Bosch EDC17C46 ECU with PCM

Question: Impossible to read and write Audi diesel Bosch EDC17C46 ECU with PCMFlash? I tried but failed.
Pcmtuner Read Edc17c46 1
Pcmtuner Read Edc17c46 3
Pcmtuner Read Edc17c46 2

This is power hungry ECU. It needs good power (14.5v read OK) to read on bench with module 71.

Add an extra power supply directly to the red and black wires of the bench to solve the problem. Follow bench pinout here
Pcmtuner Read Edc17c46 4
Be aware of dimsport wiring because it gives you wrong connection on some ecu and you get ID Failure. The connection of GPT 1 and GPT 0 are inverted compared to tune-box diagram.
Pcmtuner Edc17c46 On Bench 3
It also can have newer TPROT so you need to obd identify, get VR, write obd.
There are a lot of problems reading the charger apparently is not powerful enough.
virtual read. You go to the vzperformance website and download the file that matches your id, transform it and write it in obd
Go to module 50 read ID obd, copy the sw number into the VZ-performance search, wait couple minutes and you get the VR up and downgrades.