Where to Download Launch Smart Box 3.0 J2534 Driver?

Launch X431 Smart Box 3.0 (comes with the X431 PRO5) can be used as J2534 Passthru for OEM online programming.

Where to download j2534 driver for launch x431 smart box passthru?

Launch X431 Smart Box 30

The j2534 driver tool is not available to download on x431.com official website.

Obdii365.com here provides the j2534 driver free download.

You need both installation programs (setup driver and PC tool for update).

Launch X431 J2534 Driver 3

Free download Smartbox 3.0 setup driver

Download Link

This is smartbox j2534 passthru driver installation.

Smart Box J2534 Driver Install 1 Smart Box J2534 Driver Install 2

Launch X431 J2534 Driver

Successful installation will generate SmartBox Tool 3.0 on desktop

Smart Box J2534 Driver Install 4

Connect smartbox with laptop via USB

Smart Box J2534 Driver Install 7

Run smartbox tool 3.0.

Set USB mode to USB to serial port and save setting.

Download Install Launch X431 Smartlink J2534 Driver 4 Download Install Launch X431 Smartlink J2534 Driver 5 Download Install Launch X431 Smartlink J2534 Driver 6

Smart box 3.0 now can be used as j2534 passthru device.



If need to update smart box 3.0 firmware, you will need j2534 PC tool.

Visit www.cnlaunch.com

Select Pro5 product, go to ‘Download’ area

Download Smartbox 3.0 J2534 PC Tool

Download Launch Pro5 J2534

Launch X431 Smart Box J2534Launch X431 Smart Box J2534 4

Install Launch X431 Smart Link C Driver 7


Free download Smart Box 3.0 User Manual



Tips on SmartBox 3.0 J2534 PC Tool:

After installing J2534.exe, check if there is a new update available for smartbox firmware.

  • Don’t do firmware update when running OEM software
  • Make sure the smart box is connected with PC before the operation
  • Keep smart box firmware to the latest version.

If there is a red icon on the left button, it means the device is not connected.  It connects well when it turns to green.

UPDATE Function:

Smartbox tool provides firmware upgrade, software upgrade and system upgrade function for SmartBox 3.0 devices. One-key for all upgrade, no separate upgrade required.

Launch X431 Smart Box J2534 2

Configure Function:

Set the SmartBox_3.0 box network IP to ensure that the box IP communicates with the local IP in the same subnet.

If the SmartBox tool software cannot connect to the LAUNCH J2534, you need to confirm whether the box IP and the local IP are in the same local area network.
If it is not in the same local area network, the device is not connected (the smart box IP is, and the local IP will also be displayed as 192.168.100.xxx):

Click [Apply], and the system will automatically configure the local IP to the same network segment as the device IP. After the configuration is complete, the device status is displayed as “Device is connected”.

Disconnect and reconnect smart box with laptop.

Launch X431 Smart Box J2534 3

What if Smartbox Tool keeps showing cannot connect?
1. Make sure the LAUNCH J2534 is powered on normally and the red power indicator is on.
2. Set IP as above
3. If the problem still exists, check the driver is well installed. Go to the software installation directory, open the Drives-USB folder, double-click InstallDriver.exe installs the driver manually.
If still not connect j2534, please contact technical support.



PAD V smartbox 3.0 and Pro5 smartbox 3.0 is the same.

PAD V/PAD VII supports BMW and Mercedes built-in online programming. As for other brands (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru etc),  you will need a smart box j2543+ online subscription.

Launch X431 Pro5 does not have built-in programming capacities. But you can enable programming with smartbox 3.0 and OEM online subscription.



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