Free Download WinOLS 5.19 ECU Remap Software

WinOLS 5 is here! Obdii365 here provides WinOLS 5.19 ecu remap software for free download.

Winols 5 19

Free download WinOLS.64Bit.exe (No Pass, No registered)

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WinOLS Version: 5.19.00

Release date: Dec 17, 2021

Operating system: Windows 10/Windows 11 64bit

Winols 5 19 Software 2

Winols 5 19 Software 1

Registration:  requires registration, You need to register yourself (Purchase required from evc official). we don’t provide activation.

Winols 5 19 Register

It does not run on Win7 (32/64bit)

Winols 5 19 System

WinOLS 5.19 Update Log:


  1. bFlash export: support zipping
  2. SelectVer: select comparison version freely
  3. SelectVer: “As original” => queries, also names
  4. New option “Don’t open maps after creating” also for tag double-click
  5. For AxisSearch and ScriptGenerate ignore the reference version
  6. Axis search: New option: x length byte before axis values
  7. Axis search: New option: Also be able to enter some exact values in the center.



  1. Axis search: wrong values if SkipByte was activated
  2. Apply changes: By Id: “Only changed” was ignored
  3. PrjProperties recognition partly did not work anymore
  4. NewGenius import did not work anymore
  5. Map-Sidebar: Select reference file did not update number of map with delta in folder
  6. IntelHex-Import did not save the line length in second mode
  7. For CMD export the name query was missing at export, so the export failed