PCM Read and Write PSA EDC17C60 by Service Mode (Tport Off)

Is work with PSA Peugeot Citroen EDC17C60 by service mode?  Will PCM kill it by Service Mode?

It does not kill ecu. EDC17c60 works fine after manual change tprot. You need to disable Tport manually.

Our customers have made a few on bench and no problem. Only had to make tprot off with hex or OLS.

If don’t disable Tport manually, car doesn’t start after write flash.

Pcmtuner Psa Edc17c60

Pcmtuner Edc17c60 1Pcmtuner Edc17c60 2Pcmtuner Edc17c60 3Pcmtuner Edc17c60 4

Here is the reason:

This is a known problem of original pcmflash v1.20.  PCM flash does not know how to bypass PSA protection at the moment.

pcmflash 1.21 corrects the problem with patch. Apparently with the current version you have to manually edit the otp area before writing.

you need to manually edit tprot off,

This is fix for DTC to try
2CDB78 => 0000 => 2CDB7C
Patch for write protection


or check here:
ORI: 2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 1D C8 D6 A4 00 or 2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 1D C8 8E 83 00

2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 00 00 00 00 00
Need change bit XX with 00
2D 0F 00 00 DF 32 04 80 XX XX XX XX XX XX

Pcmtuner Tprot Off

Check detail instructions here: EDC17C60 PSA Manual Tport Off

There is also third-party software for tprot off and immo off, i,e Multi Remover Tool