Possible Convert VVDI Smart Key to Program to 2019 Toyota RAV4?

Question: I have 2019 Toyota RAV4, I need to convert a VVDI smart key to be programmed to the car. Can anyone help me to the right conversion on vvdi mini key tool?

2019 Toyota RAV4 01

2019 Toyota RAV4 02


Listen to experienced user suggestions:

  1. Not Supported after 2018, you need OEM key. Now it is not supported, but maybe later (keep updating).

Better provide version board number to confirm with xhorse engineer.  (Contact at: www.obdii365.com )

Xhorse XM smart key supported board numbers: 0020 3370 6601 0111 2110 5290 0031 0310 0182 7930 A433 0030 3330 7980 F433 0010(-part) F430 0780 0140


We give our suggestion: to use Lonsdor K518ISE/ K518S and Lonsdor Toyota smart key

Lonsdor Ft02 Key

Image 3:  Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B V1.2 RAV4 Avalon Camry 2018-2021 Smart Key


Check this article guide: How to Program 2020 Toyota RAV4 All Keys Lost with Lonsdor K518ISE (to program all keys lost, need also Yearly AKL license subscription, please refer to this article)


  1. The cheaper option is to use KH100 + Lonsdor Board 0410b.

I give my feedback here:

Today I test on 2 SUV Toyota RAV4 and highlander Hybrid both 2021. Used the Lonsdor board 0410b and I emulated the start button using the KH100 to calculate data.

When emulating all door should be closed, use the board to gather the data off the start button. Press the start and hold the board near the button. The boards led light should blink when data is gathering.


Take the board to the KH100 that is on the net to transfer the data to get an emergency start. the whole thing takes less than 2 minutes.


Hope it helps!