How to Transfer Data from Autel IM608/IM508 to PC?

Question: Can we precode transponders with just Autel IM508 XP200 if using another device to read eeprom data or only XP400? How to transfer data read by autel xp200/xp400 from im508/im608 to PC?


Yes you can, put dump on usb memory, and put usb memory direct in im508 usb port…then tranfer dump to autel local memory.

Way 1: use SD Card or USB stick

On the MaxiIM IM508/IM608, there is a hidden Mini SD Card slot under the battery cover.

So easy to transfer files, between a computer.

Best with USB- MicroSD Adapter.

Then good to read dump with IM programmer.

It is possible to search name, to find the files.

You can find on local im508 memory user folders where are placed dumps, and make that folder as favorite… then when open usb stick memory on im508 make copy dump, and when need to navigate you use favorite location, and copy/move dump from usb stick memory, in folder where autel will store when read it. For example, in FIAT folder place fiat bcm dump.

When autel open file manager to navigate me to choose dump, dump is there like that autel read it.


Way 2: 

No need to play with sd nor usb stick. You can connect your PC and your 508 via mini usb cable (marked OTG) it should be appearing under “This PC” –> “Devices and drivers” –> “IM508”
looks like in the picture but not ASUS obviously
Autel Im508 Folder

and the path is:
im508 –> Nand flash –> Scan –> UserData –>