FBS4 Mercedes Keys Programming Solutions

Let’s start with a hot topic: looking for a solution to Program FBS4 Mercedes Keys.


  1. Yes , main dealer tool with main dealer security access.

The way for a locksmith to access these tools or is dealer only is: if you have very deep pockets and willing to pay the price Mercedes want then of course you can buy.

For example: the good way to do FBS4 keys on 2014 and up Mercedes-Benz vehicles: you go to the dealer and you pay a thousand dollars and you get the key done, that’s the only way, it’s no happening, so give it up, stick with 13 and down cars and get your ass to the dealer and get your FBS4 key and stop complaining and talking about how you know how to do it.


Experience for sharing:

even if u can afford the price for the equipment and software u still will need to have a LSID, for us only. outside the US I don’t know if they even allow aftermarket to do keys with their software.


The dealer do them all time, easy!

Mb service account, vat number, dbs certificate and correct insurance. Mercedes will authorize you. order FBS 4, to chassis via security portal or thur dealer.


Let’s take a look at what most locksmiths are going to do:

Conclusion 1:

I would put money on Abrites or Diagspeed to come up with a solution soon. And I would also put money on the Chinese swiftly copying that.

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This article refers to Xentry online, AVDI Abrites, Diagspeed, VVDI MB, CGDI MB.


Conclusion 2.

The server needed to calculate is so expensive it’s likely gonna be a while before anyone comes up with solution. No way to pay for that server unless they charge $20k for the tool


Conclusion 3.

No way to do FBS4 except Mercedes Dealers

Someone told with an online xentry account will be ok

But online access need to have the permission to Programm fsb4 keys. Mercedes-Benz don’t allow personal to do it , If you get the permission all your personal data and stuff are required to the database. So Mercedes-Benz can recognized who and when programmed a fsb4 key and for what reason

then you will get in trouble

Only can do it by Mercedes Benz dealers now

This is not a technical issue

This is a problem authorized by Mercedes-Benz

So currently no equipment can support FBS4 Program .




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