STIC SVCI J2534 Windows 10 Pro 64bit Installation Review

Okay, here is everything summed up. I purchased my STIC SVCI J2534 diagnostic tool, once you receive your diagnostic tool it comes with one disc containing the Ford/Mazda software and drivers for the FVDI diagnostic adapter. My disc had IDS 122 on it but the newest software can be found here (Note:The software in the download link is always up to date)


To get everything setup on Windows 10 Pro 64bit I did the following:

  1. Go to My account of flyobd shop and make an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Login to your account and go to Download or Download Center of flyobd shop
  3. For Ford IDS download the following 3 packages : IDSFord, SVCI-J2534-Ford-Quickloader, and most importantly IDS_VCI. (Files appear to all be hosted on Mega)
  4. Right click on each install file and Install everything “As Administrator” IDSFord (it will have you reboot after this installs),

SVCI-J2534-Ford-Quickloader, and most importantly IDS_VCI (The install videos I watched failed to list this, without this when IDS try’s to load it will fail.) I used the default option on all installs and ran everything as Administrator just in case.

  1. On your Desktop there will be IDS shortcut, delete it as you will NOT use it to load IDS as it will fail due to no license.
  2. Plug in your USB cable to your computer, plug your diagnostic tool into your USB cable and plug it in to your OBD 2 port on your vehicle. (Ensure the push button on the tool is in the pressed position to enable J2534, mine came in this position plus the button is recessed so you have to use something to press it. Otherwise it is a ELM327 if the switch is in the depressed position.)
  3. Turn your key to the run position and open the shortcut on your Desktop named “SVCI J2534″(again I ran as Administrator).
  4. You should see the IDS splash screen load up, upon first start it’ll ask about “Dealer Type”. Choose “Non-dealer” and select your country. IDS will load and you now have IDS!
  5. You can go here to see what updates are available afterwards. Step 3 on this page will link the update package, simply download the package and run as Administrator. Now you have the updated package and just like before open with “SVCI J2534”.


A couple of notes:

  1. VCI program looks like it does nothing when opened because it shows VCM not connected. Leave it installed or IDS will not work!
  2. Without the tool plugged in and the key in the run position if you try to run SVCI J2534 you will get error saying “VCI not plugged into car, or car battery under 8Volt.”
  3. If you don’t install IDS_VCI you will encounter error “Load IDS software failed. TDSNetsetup error. Please reinstall IDS software.”
  4. I had also encountered a similar message reading “IDSLOADER Load IDS software failed. Maybe IDS has not been installed. Please install IDS at first. (I’m not sure what caused this error on the first install, perhaps I didn’t run something as Administrator) But after running everything as Administrator I no longer have this issue.
  5. Ford and Mazda IDS cannot be installed on same computer, if you need Mazda IDS you must uninstall Ford IDS.
  6. Compatibility mode is not needed on Windows 10.
  7. Updating once the main version number changes ex. 116 to 117 you will have to wait on a new crack to be posted here as the SVCI loader will realize the version does not match.


If anyone has any questions or needs any help I will do my best to help them out or need me to test a function of IDS for this tool just let me know. I can’t do any “running test” on the truck since my HPOP is out but I ran diagnostics on it and it pulled all the data off the modules in the truck. So from what I can gather this is a working diagnostics tool. If this helps you out send me a little reputation! Hope this helps everyone out since I struggled to get it setup correctly.

Stic Svci J2534 Win10 Installation 01 Stic Svci J2534 Win10 Installation 03


Also, here is the STIC SVCI J2534 Operation Guide


Any questions and problems to install STIC SVCI J2534, please contact at Whatsapp:+86 1825 9252285 for remote assistance.