How to Program Toyota 2020 2021 All Smarts Keys Lost by Autel IM608?


2020 Toyota Highlander all keys lost.

Tango fail
Zedfull fail

Possible to program 2020 2021 Toyota AKL with Autel IM608 and XP400 Pro by OBD ?




If it’s add key, autel is able to add it without LSID. Either way, you can try it. In USA you need LSID along with TIS. Autel will give u 3 data lines which you input into TIS and it’ll spit out a Pin Code to do AKL. If it shows you 3 data lines, then not possible.
Autel doesn’t support toyota/lexus 2018+ all key lost yet, still in development.  2018 before AKL requires APB112 emulator. As for lonsdor you’ll need to Lonsdor specific smart key and open AKL license on your device which has to be renewed every year.

If all keys lost, it requires Toyota Subscription with The newer Toyota’s have an extra security component even adding keys diagnostically will be a problem unless you have the special password.  IM608 can do the ’21 Corolla’s, Rav4’s and Camry’s (at least) by OBD as long as you can provide the 12-digit outcode.  The im608 requires a response code of 12 digits, which comes after you submit the 3 lines of data. Has to be purchased via the Toyota website using your nastaf login information.

Autel Toyota Passcode

Autel cannot bypass the seed code (LSID). Best bet is Techstream subscription with NASTF.

Its the $65 security professional script. If you have a yearly subscription there is no cost. The yearly subscription costs $1,295.

Toyota Subscription

You can purchase a 2 day subscription at a cost of 65 dollars. Then you have to wait for email ( up to half hours) then you can re-log back in to site and get 1 free key code. It’s much quicker to just pull out the drivers door lock cylinder and get the key code. It’s stamped right on it!

If bypass the seed code, there is no option for all keys lost or generate smart key, only add key, then add the key.

Once you have reset immo, you go back and add key. It’s confusing, but that’s how it’s done.


Success cases:

1) 2021 Toyota Highlander prox AKL success using Toyota TIS for code.
2) Autel im608 2021 Toyota Corolla bladed akl successful. North American module. It requires a Passcode. it supports it and you still have to obtain a password from TIS. we paid for yearly subscription. the security light is under left side of instrument cluster.

Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 1

Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 2

Toyota 2020 smart key Add a spare key example: 2020 Hilux, 4Runner AKL by Autel IM508 XP400 Pro

APB112 emulator is required.

IMMO Programmin->Toyota->Other->4Runner->Smart Key->Keyless System (CAN)->Add smart key
Put a learned smart key close to the START button
Put a smart key to be learned close to the START button
Learn succeeded

Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 1 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 2 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 3 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 4 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 5 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 6 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 7 Autel Im508 2020 Toyota 8


pre -2018 all keys lost procedure example

Program Toyota Sienta 2016+ All Smart Key Lost with Autel IM608 via OBD