(Fixed) Benz DAS Problem “Not Accept Hardware Changes”

A Mercedes Benz Xentry DAS software user feedback: Xentry works, Das problem and this is the wrong with the DAS software “This software does not accept more hardware changes…”

Das Problem 01

Das Problem 02


And this is my Xentry DAS software version:

Das Problem 03


Obdii365.com Technical Support:

Please send teamviewer to see it remotely

And when he helped me fix the problem by team viewer, I took a screenshot two images showing they are very skilled with this problem troubleshooting.

Das Problem 04

Das Problem 05


In 2 minutes, the seller’s engineer replied:

das software problem has been resolved.

You have 12/2018 Xentry software, and the DAS software is not activated, I helped you activate DAS and it will work.

And you can read the guide on how to activate 12/2018 DAS software:


Das Problem Solved 06


Big thanks to them for quickly help me solve the problem.


For your information, suggest you own the newest version 03/2021 Mercedes Benz Xentry DAS software for sd connect c4.