VXDIAG VCX SE BENZ DONet Remote Diagnostic Function Review

Look at this small tool, it is named VXDAIG VCX SE BENZ, used to diagnose and program /code All Mercedes Benz car models including the newest car with DoIP protocol.

Vcx Se Benz Review 01


As you can see, it is made solid of material, small enough to take outside. The factory claims the interface component adopts quick pull-and-plug technology, it is tested to be able to pull and plug 10,000 times.


Software contained:

VCX SE BENZ contains:

Xentry diagnostic system (a diagnostic software for new models);

DAS (Diagnosis Assistance System for old models);

WIS (Workshop Information System);

EPC(Electronic Parts Catalog: enter part numbers, get prices and information.)

DTS engineering software (for free).

Vcx Se Benz Review 02


Powerful Functions:

Coding: access to Benz engine, chassis, body and instrument panel to code.


All-modules of all Mercedes Benz cars:

Read/ clear DTCs

Read dynamic data stream

Program online

Personalized settings etc.


Diangose DOIP protocol Benz vehicles:

VCX SE BENZ can 100% perform the functions of original Benz C6. It can diagnose and program the DOIP protocol Benz such as W222, W205, W206 and W223. Because MB Star C4 /C5 will be out of date.

Vcx Se Benz Review 03


Get DONet authorization to enjoy super remote diagnostic function:

VCX SE features in the super remote diagnostic function. The device with DONet authorization can perform only programming / diagnosis and coding. Which will perfectly solve the problem that Mercedes Benz account cannot be input remotely because the Benz account will be bound with the computer and hardware.

The super remote diagnosis function supports include all of Mercedes Benz models, also Porsche, BMW, Land Rover, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Volkswagen, Audi, GM and Volvo etc.


GOOD to know: it is free for the first 4 months.

Vcx Se Benz Review 04



Available with multiple languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finland, Denmark, Swedish, simplified Chinese, etc.

Vcx Se Benz Review 05


Communication method:

Wifi connection: yes

USB connection: yes

Internet connection: yes

VCX SE will meet the different needs of users.

Vcx Se Benz Review 06



It is allowed to update firmware and DOIP firmware.


Target users:

VCX SE BENZ is very suitable for auto repair shops, auto refitting studios, auto programming engineers, auto refitting enthusiasts, etc.


Hardware warranty: 3 year.


Alright, I will update how to install the VCX SE software for MB and show how to enjoy DONet authorization.

Thanks for reading.