Autel MD808 Pro on Porsche Macan real reviews

Many users actually used Autel MD808 Pro on Porsche Macan and proved it working like a charm for some special functions such as scan and clear faults in all control modules, reset oil change indicator, service reminder reset, electric parking brake service and more…


Used Autel MD808 Pro actually on Macan:

1). Just bought Autel MD808 Pro (All Systems). Hooked it up to my 2018 Macan S, looks like everything works.


2). I also just bought and Autel MD808 Pro, it reset my 2017 Macan S Oil change indicator perfectly. I have not used it on EPB (for rear pad change) or the battery swap but it looks like it would work. Scan tool is also pretty comprehensive.


3). Just used my Autel MD808 Pro for the first time. Resetting the oil change. Struggled at first. After putting today’s date (20191121) the Autel displayed “Input Overflow”. After messing with it for a few minutes I put yesterday’s date (20191120) and everything went through. BTW, I checked the date on the car, it was correct, 11/21/2019.

Besides, it will reset the interim service reminder.


4). Autel MD808 Pro can scan and clear faults in all control modules Such as suspension, pcm, headlights, door modules etc.Note: It has to be the “MD808 Pro” scanner.


5). I bought the MaxiDiag MD808 Pro for three functions and have used two of them (service reminder reset and electric parking brake service) with great success. It claims to do battery registration but I haven’t been able to test that function yet. Even finding a battery for these Macans is near impossible.


6). I ended up buying the Autel md808 pro as well and am happy with it so far. It does a full auto scan, it did the interim service indicator reset for me so far.


7). I did clear an error in the parking brake after changing the pads. At the time I didn’t have the unit to retract the motor so I did the battery and wire to spin the motor. This created some sort of error in the system and I cleared it with the MD808pro.
I found this somewhat useful screen on battery life too

It’s under scan and fairly easy to find. Maybe the 4th option down on the list.
I don’t know if this means my battery is good or bad, but it seems better than before a charge cycle.

Autel Md808 Pro Macan 01 Autel Md808 Pro Macan 02


8.) Just want to add that the MD808 Pro can also read the lane change assist (LCA) module and clear codes. After leaving a light and my battery going flat the LCA would shut off when the auto start stop feature kicked in. I used the MD808 Pro to clear the communication/low voltage errors from the flat battery in the LCA module and have not had the issue since. This tool is well worth the money, that would have been $$$ just to get the dealer to just clear the codes on their PWSIS.


To be upgrading…


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