AutoHex II vs AVDI vs VVDI2 vs Zed Full vs AD100 – What’s the best?

This is for someone looking for a decent BMW key programming tool for CAS1/2/3/3+/4/4+, FEM, BDC, when there is a spare key or all keys are lost.


BMW key programming tool Microtronik AutoHEX II Abrites AVDI Xhorse VVDI2 Zed Full AD100
Image Autohex Ii Bmw Abrites Avdi Bmw Vvdi2 Bmw Zedfull Bmw Key Programmer Ad100 Pro
CAS1/2/3/3+ read & write ISN thru OBD Yes Yes Yes    
CAS1/2/3/3+ key programming thru OBD (all keys lost or a spare key available) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CAS3+ key programming via OBD (with a spare key) Yes Yes Yes Yes  
CAS3+ key programming via OBD (all keys lost) Yes Yes      
CAS4/CAS4+ spare key programming Yes Yes Yes    
CAS4/CAS4+ key programming with all keys lost Yes Yes      
All E and F series key programming Yes Yes Yes    
ECU swapping (new or donor) Yes Yes      
Individual programming for any ECU in E/F series Yes Yes      
Fault codes read and clear Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control units activation, reset, adaptation Yes Yes      
Ethernet protocol (DoIP) Yes Yes      
FEM and BDC security unlock Yes Yes      
FEM and BDC security unlock on bench Yes        
ISN reading from EGS Yes Yes      
On-bench functions (reading fault/key programming/isn manager) Yes        
ISN read/write for Tricore ECUs in circuit Yes        
Staple WIFI, detect disconnection of USB instantly Yes        



Original Autohex II is the best solution for those who are looking for a device that can programme BMW keys in E and F Series. This tool is equipped to learn keys, enabling users to read, write, block, unblock, save and delete any key in CAS. Autohex II is an advanced tool for encrypted CAS, CAS3+ and CAS4+ allowing users to add new keys with or without a working key.

The HW 4 hardware for Autohex II from Microtronik will go to a higher level of vehicle diagnostic and electronic component management in BMW models. The more stable and durable new hardware can do a wide variety of operations up to the latest models. The main features of this product are as follows:

Autohex II BMW Software For Key Programming


With the growth of electronic units in vehicles, BMW is one of the leading companies which use DoIP (Diagnostic Over Internet Protocol) for communication with its modules in a range of their ECUs. Autohex II HW4 have made a big step in this industry by making their device adapt to this mode of transferring data. Programming ECUs for the latest update will be done with the help of DoIP which will make the time required for flashing a tenth of the time taken by CAN bus protocol. The main advantage of this is working with control units such as HU-H/NBT and other modules which could not be programmed easily before, can now be accomplished.



FEM and BDC modules are the successor of the CAS unit in the latest models of BMW and these have always been a challenge for users of different manipulations. The new hardware is capable of breaking the security in these units and can do a set of operations in a fast and secure way; from programming keys, reading ISN and more. The safety and reliability of this procedure is assured as the Autohex II software automatically backs up and can restore the FEM/BDC back to the original state.

Unlock secrity of BDC and FEM to able to: Change BDC and FEM VIN, Change BDC and FEM ISN, Mileage Reset for BDC and FEM, and making a key for BDC and FEM.



Autohex II has just become a lot safer with HW4 and is one of the safest on the market that can unlock BMW BDC and FEM modules. You no longer need to desolder the BDC/FEM module, instead the job is completed with one click of a button.

After you get the BDC/FEM secret info file, you can then:

  • Make a new key (even if all keys are lost)
  • Change VIN, Frequency
  • Read DME ISN info from BDC/FEM


ISN read for new and old E and F series:

  • Read old ISN in BMW E series for following Ecus:D62M57A0,  D62M57B0,  D60PSA0,  D50M57A0,  D50M57E1,  D60M47A0,  D60M57A0,  MEV9N46L,  ME9N45,  ME9N62,  ME9E65_6,  N73_L0,  N73_R0,  ME9N62_2,  MSV70,  MS450DS0,  N62_TUE,  N62_TUE2.
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW E series from following Ecus:  MSV80,  MSD80,  MSD81,  MSD85,  MSD85Y,  MSS60,  MEVD176K,  ME17N45,  MED17_2,  MED17_2N,  MEV17_2,  MEV17N46,  MEVD174K, MEVD174KW,  MV1722,  MVD1722,  MEVD172,  MEVD1724,  MEVD1725,  MEVD172Y,  MEVD17KW,  D70N47A0,  D70N47B0,  D71N47A0,  D71N47B0,  D71N47C0,  D71N47D0,  D72N47A0,  D72N47B0,  D73N47A0,  D73N57A0,  D73N57B0,  D73N57C0,  D73N57D0
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW F series from following Ecus: MEVD172Y,  MEVD172,  MEVD1724,  MEVD1725,  N63TU_L0,  N63TU_R0,  S63TU_L0,  S63TU_R0
  • Read long ISN (SK) in BMW E and F series on Bench using Factory Mode. No need to open the DME/DDE (Only Autohex II can do this function)
  • CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ read only ISN and SK
  • Read ISN of MSD85, MSD87, MSV90 in F series