How to use SOFi SP8-F for Online/ Offline Programming?

Look here: SOFi SP8-F universal programmer is good at online and offline programming.


High-speed programming: Confirmed!

Online programming(ISP) : Confirmed!

Online/offline high-speed mass production: Confirmed!

sp8-f universal programmer price
sofi sp8-f programmer software download
SOFi SP8-F programming test on Volvo XC90


in detail…


High-speed programming: Confirmed!

● SP8 is currently the programmers with the highest programming speed in the industry, even quicker than general programmers and similar special programmers which cost over 1000 RMB.
(Take 8M-bit EN25T80 as an example, SP8-A: read-1.24S, write-5.44S; Superpro 580U: read-4.15S, write-9.31S)
● Through built-in high-speed processors and special hardware design, SP8 realizes high-speed and reliable programming, especially for serial FLASH and EEPROM.
● Arithmetic optimizations for different chips

 Attachment: time to read and write some chips

Chip types Size Writing Reading Verify
EN25T80 8M bit 5.4S 1.2S 1.2S
SST25VF010A 1M bit 4.2S 0.6S 0.6S
W25X16 16M bit 7.6S 2.3S 2.3S
KH25L8005 8M bit 4.3S 1.3S 1.3S
AT24C512 512K bit 5.8S 3.6S 3.6S
AT24C256 256K bit 3.0S 1.8S 1.8S
ST25P16 [SOP8] 16M bit 7.3S 2.3S 2.3S
W25X32 32M bit 20.8S 4.9S 4.9S
SST25VF080B 8M bit 6.9S 2.4S 2.4S
W25X80 8M bit 8.6S 1.3S 1.3S


Online programming(ISP) : Confirmed!

  • Some patch chips can be programmed directly via ISP, avoiding the problem of unsoldering.
    ● The whole SP8 series has special ISP interfaces buffered with special chips, and supports 2.0V~5.5V target boards (chips).
    ISP interfaces can be set up via software whether to supply power to the target boards (voltage can be set at 3.3V or 5V).
    ● ISP power supply has protection function against over-current and short circuit, automatically detects the supply situation of target boards and thus avoids power supply conflicts.
    ● It can be used to online upgrade of main-board BIOS (application example: Use SP8-A programmer to upgrade online BIOS of MSI MS-7392 main-board;



SP8-F has an ISP interface and a download cable with 10-color single DuPont heads



Uses the ISP download function of SP8 to upgrade online main-board BIOS


Online/offline high-speed mass production: Confirmed!

Both SP8-B and SP8-F support online high-speed mass production, but only SP8-F has the function of offline mass production, which is very applicable to mass programming memories and thus saves much costs for equipment purchase and labor. Note: SP8-A does not have the function of mass production, and applies only to researchers and maintenance personnel.


Online mass production programming by SP8-B and SP8-F:
● The programmer automatically detects the position of chips, and starts the automatic programming.
● In programming, operators do not have to operate the computer, but only continuously put in and get out chips.
● You can connect several programmers to one computer for synchronous and asynchronous high-speed programming. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency.

Offline mass production programming.:
● You do not have to connect it to a computer in programming, but only to the accessory 5V power adapter, and then it will automatically start the offline programming.
● Programmers have a built-in 128M memory. So no extra memory cards.
● It operates easily. Only download the offline data and you can use the device.
● It automatically detects the position of chips, starts programming, and presents programming results via state lights and the built-in buzzer.



sofi sp8-f universal programmer price:

less than 100 usd


sp8-f programmer software download:


sp8-f programmer software features:
● Chinese/English interface
● Supports WinXP/Vista/Win7/Win10, and completely supports 64-bit operating systems
● Supports various file formats like binary (files with any suffix), hex, Motorola-S and TI-TEK
● Multi-functional data buffer compilation, supporting direct modification by keyboard, and copying, filling and logical operation. Supports hex and ASCII displays
● Provides chip placement mode, adapter and ISP connection diagram
● Combines manual programming and user-defined automatic programming with one key




SOFi SP8-F programming test


Car: 2004 Volvo XC90 2.4VD

ECU: BOSCH EDC15C11 which had a 44pin AM29F400BT chip



removed the chip,

placed it into our chip reader and backed up the cars map file.

the file was then adjusted for a power map.

erased the chip then wrote the new modified map file to the chip.

once the chip was wrote, prepared the ECU’s PCB and re-soldered the chip back to the board.