2008 BMW 328i New Battery Coding with INPA Software

Tutorial + FAQs: BMW 328i new battery reprogramming/coding


Reason why you need “code” for a new battery:
The answer to this varies. You may not have to! That is, so long as you replace your old battery with an exact replacement. However, if you switch from a wet-cell type battery to an AGM type battery, or vice versa, you must code for the change.

AGM and wet-cell batteries require a different rate of charge output from the alternator. Moving between these two types without coding can lead to over-charging or under-charging.
Also, batteries have a discharge rating called amp hours (ah). You must specify to the DME what the “ah” rating of your battery is so the car can run the proper charging algorithm.


Car: BMW 328i the year 2008

Software: INPA and Ediabas


How to reprogram a new battery with INPA software:

1: select BODY from the left hand pop-up menu

2: select POWER MODULE in the right hand list

3: select ACTIVATE from the next menu

4: Select ACTIVATE2 from the next menu

5: Then select F7 – Register battery replacement. Almost instantly you get the message: “Register battery replacement Activated properly.


THIS IS ONLY FOR REGISTERING AN OEM BATTERY FROM BMW! Alternate replacements will need additional coding to match voltage etc differences



Battery capacity / type in the FA change with NCS expert


FA read -> prepared following the new battery parameters in the FA change (eg,-A100,-B090 ..) -> FA in CAS and LM (depending on BJ o.FRM) Review – encode> Vehicles



FAQs for more details: 


1) Can I update the VO to CAS and FRM in expert mode? if not, what profile would I need?

only expertmode

2) Can I SG_Codieren to CAS in expert mode as well? Or would I need a profile with Manipulation enabled?

expertmode + sg_codieren = ecu to deflaut settings(factory)

3) When registering the battery in tool32… Do I use the MSD80.prg file for a 2008 328i?

yes but to be sure check what .prg use inpa to connect to your engine


  • Would NCS Expert be needed or just INPA alone?

Try with INPA


5) So will both NCS Expert and BST 2.12 run on win7 64 bit?

BST 212 will work on 64bit OS.


6) Any leads on where to find updated Datens or INPA?Here’s 2013 sp daten 2.51.2 full package for all cars (torrent download). Torrent files are split by chassis number so you can choose to download part or all of the archives: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/94958605/file.html


7) If I only need e90 support, I can just use INPA and EDIBAS that comes with the above posted BST 2.12 ??? If that’s it, then I can go ahead and install this puppy… SP daten files are for Winkfp and NCS expert for programming and coding only.


Note: SP Daten E89 = E81,E82,E84,E87,E88,E90,E91,E92,E93.  Inpa is used for basic diagnosis and some adjustments, no coding. Mainly works on cars 2008 and below. Limited use on newer cars. You should install the package that comes with your cable as it’ll contain most of the ipo files needed to communicate with your car. But I recommend you install the new 2018 Rheingold software instead for diagnosis as it’ll do everything inpa does and a lot more. It’s easier to use and works on all cars and can be used with the K+DCAN USB cable or the blue GT1/DIS USB cable (note: the blue usb cable works on cars < 2007 only). You’ll find the Rheingold download and instructions on this blog http://blog.obdii365.com .


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