MB SD Connect 4 Toolkit-DCDI_eErrorCode=204 (204)

When I try to get the  MB SD Connect Compact 4 clone diagnostic tool to communicate with Benz and Dell D620. The mb sd c4 unit marked 21.


On the cover is a blue 9! And all the WLAN configure is missing. Then I tried to change it to 21.


But got an error- SDconnect Toolkit-Administration-DCDI_eErrorCode=204 (204)


I have tried this with brand new batteries but still it fails.


Ps. OS version: 2.3.20130523

CSD version: 0.00.20100330


tray icon:




Reasons for Error 204:

Star diagnosis SDConnect 4 unit is still not configured correctly.
What I did for this:
1. Make sure you have applied blacklist fix to your Xentry/Llist folder (fixed cal.sli)
2. Punt 6 fully charged AA batteries into your SDunit.
3. Power up the SD unit (connect to a car or 12v OBD source)
4. On the Sdunit Press “Power button” twice till you see “Delete configuration” and then do it. Atfer that you shoud see Name “00”.
5. Connect SDunit and laptop by green LAN cable.
6. Set IP address in Local area connection properties
7. Go into SDtool kit and configure your SDunit again. Choose any number from the list. For WiFi connection set IP
file for more detailed reference


Note: Images are old but principals are the same.
Also, need to run firmware update

MB Sd c4 multiplexer 2.30 firmware update guide