NitroOBD2 ECU tuning box on Japanese car

NitroOBD2 tuning tool is used for learning drivers’ driving habits, to find the best values for the main ECU balance to suit the engine. The performance Easy to install with self-tuning. Do not use comments tuners. Clearly on the run to 200 km that really works 100%.


The benefits of the Nitro OBD2 tunning box

– Increased horsepower

– Increase torque

– More fuel economy

– Lighten up on the accelerator Rush to foot more

– Speed up the middle speeding up the flow.

– Do not make a car insurance center.

– Do not cause any damage to the car.

– Cheaper than installing other boxes.

– Fun to drive car Race car driving fun

– In combination with the electric throttle pressure trough truck fire effectively.

– Improves the boxes in your work even better.


Easy to install yourself (DIY)

  1. Stop the engine. Pull the key out of the switch.
  2. Plug NitroOBD2 OBD2 plug in the power boxes will stick.
  3. Insert the ignition key and the light on the dashboard display. (Do not start the engine)
  4. Press the reset button for 5 seconds the power goes off, then wait about 30-50 seconds (NitroOBD2 to establish a connection with the ECU).
  5. Start the engine start
  6. NitroOBD2 chip box and customize the car to get to know your driving habits after about 200 km and NitroOBD2 chip tuning box is fine.

Itself to match your car perfectly horsepower, torque and fuel economy


Customer feedback on Nitro OBD2 ECU tunning tool


Review: see clearly see the Vigo accelerator lightly around the sensitive fuel




Review: Install this tuning box myself with a cast Vios runs to more than 100 Slovak gas pedal right now. Throttle more light. Very good. shot Oil fell to a little gay. I think this is great.



Review: Never install a scanner as easy as NitroOBD2 box. Add the instant acceleration and fuel economy.


Car: Nissan SYLPHY


Nitroobd2- Nissan SYLPHYNissan SYLPHY

Car: Mazda 2


Mazda 2nitroobd-Mazda 2