Weird fog light issue on MB CLK-Class W209, what to do?

Weird fog light issue on MB CLK-Class W209:
Got a right side fog light message on CLK-Class (W209) recently. I don’t use them, but its part of the adaptive turn, and comes on when I take a right. Anyway. Replaced both bulbs assuming that would do it. Error was cleared and as soon as you put them on, message appears again. Any ideas? Indy mention something about a sam module being the possible culprit and of course he’s willing to dig into for me.

Working solution:
You need to hook the car up to STAR diagnosis and check which fault codes are actually being displayed and follow the diagnosis procedure STAR diagnosis will walk you through.

Are you replacing the fog light bulbs with original ones or LED replacement? I ask because the difference in resistance will cause the error to appear as well.
Also, check to make sure the new bulb is working – turn on the headlights and the fog lights to verify. Make sure the wiring harness is properly connected, The CLK550 has an extra pigtail adapter.