Digiprog 3 III odometer correction 2014 manual free download

Still Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool new beginners are seeking user manual instructions. Obd365 here provides both old and new instruction with English and German language.

Old Digiprog 3 user manual and pinout free download(Close antivirus software or set your browser to download success)

Digiprog III Link 1:
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DigiProg 3 Link 2:

It is a large PDF file containing all digiprog3 mileage tool support vehicle lists:
1) Which cable/adapter you are going to plug in
2) In which way should you done with the dashboard
3) Exactly mileage correction procedure of each car makes
4) DIGIPROG 3 cable pinouts text file
Digiprog 3 III odometer correction
Digiprog 3 III odometer correction
Digiprog 3 III odometer correction

The user manual comes with default German language and translated English language.
Digiprog 3 III odometer correction

DP3 Link3:
2014 New digiprog 3 DP3 odometer master user manual free download

The 2014 version user manual adds some new added car models, for detail vehicle list, please check here:
V4.94 digiprog 3 vehicle list: