Porsche diagnostic Cable $21 good and bad reviews

I have airbag light on Porsche boxster 2.7 986 year 2000 . I want to do it by myself before I take it to the workshop, being a diyer, I have no idea what tool to diagnose and what to do.

Then I read many reports and reviews on Porsche piws2 Cable at Porsche forums, and find most users think highly of this little cheap cable. Someone confirmed Chinese cheap Piws2 cable can work with airbag fault, including Boxster 986.

Some of them buy from personal sites in French. Since I do not understand French, I was recommended another brother site: www.obdii365.com.

Piws2 cable Hardware:
They are available with two ones, both are software V3.0.15.0, but with different outlook, and the newest one is a little bit cheaper than the old one.

Considering many users bought the cheaper one and verified working well. Then I paid $21 for this white cable.

With very simple package, one CD and one 16pin cable
Porsche cable
Another one black is made from plastic. Cost $23 free shipping.
Details at: www.obdii365.com

Porsche Piwis Cable

Piws2 cable Software:
Both of white piws2 cable and black cable are software: V3.0.15.0.
piwis cable software
Piws2 cable driver free download:
(Contact our customer service)
Do not try with V5, many users verified they used V5 and burnt Chinese cable. Therefore, I learnt from their experience and didn’t have a try.

Piws2 cable Install:
OS: better windows XP, or XP mode on Win 7. my CD that was send with is not recognized on my laptop (odd), latterly, I learnt cable PIWS2 OS requirement is XP.
Driver install is very easy to do, no need active, no much steps to do.

What function I verified?
I verified cable PIWS2 can turn off airbag light on Boxster 986. Also it can reset service reminders, reads diagnostic trouble codes, displays actual values, shows ECU information, clears diagnostic trouble codes, turns off check engine light.

How to disable TPMS with Porsche Piws2 Cable