Code and register BMW E90 battery with BMW Standard Tool

If you just get your battery replaced, you have to recode the CAS module with BMW engineering and programming software. After you program an aftermarket battery, it needs to be registered. BMW Standard Tool (INPA, Ediabas Toolset32) is needed.

Tool needed:
Hardware: WIFI BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system (a single INPA cable is not enough)
Software: BMW ICOM ISTA/D ISTA/P software HDD with engineering and programming software (INPA, EDIABAS etc)

How to code/program BMW E90 with INPA?

NCSExpert is able to code BMW battery as well. Here we use BMW INPA software.

Well install BMW ICOM and engineering software
Connect BMW ICOM a2+b+c OBD2 diagnostic tool with vehicle via USB or WIFI wireless connection

Open INPA software on the desktop
Select vehicle model: E90
Select Engine
Select ECU type: MSD80
Select F5 Status
Select PM-IBS
Select PM FIELD 2

Under the PM Field option look at the ah reading registered, to see what it’s set at to charge your battery at present. If it is incorrect, you need to code the CAS>>KLASSE_BATTERIE>>**ah to your battery specification.
Once you have coded the module, re-register your battery using the INPA or EDIABAS Tool32 software.

How to register old and new BMW vehicle battery?

For older BMW models, register BMW battery with BMW INPA program:

Step 1: select “BODY”
Step 2: select “POWER MODULE”
Step 3: select “ACTIVATE”
Step 4: Select “ACTIVATE2” from the next menu
Step 5: select “F7: Register battery replacement”.
Then INPA will display the register completed prompt “Register battery replacement Activated properly.”

Because newer BMW model does not contain Power Module, INPA cable will not work, Ediabas Toolset32 is required.

Step 1: Locate Ediabas folder
Step 2: Open MSD80.prg
Step 3: Look up steuern_batterietausch_registri. (near bottom of job list)
Step 4: Go to “Jobs” menu
Step 5: Select Run Job
Check the “Results” window for the line JOB_STATUS = OKAY

After complete register the battery, go back into INPA and check the PM Field 2, to see if the new ah reading has been registered.

Exit the BMW engineering software and disconnect the BMW ICOM diagnostic system.