How to turn off SAAB day running lights with Tech2 scan tool?

I have got a clone GM tech2 after hearing it is less than $500 and is able to do diagnosis and coding. Used it to reset day running light on my 2004 SAAB the other day. Worked as it should be. I saw some forum members are looking for a way to complete turn off the DRLs and would like to share a simple guide about this with the Tech 2 scanner.
GM Tech2 scanner
Tools you will need:

GM Tech2 scanner for GM and SAAB
32MB PCMCIA Card for Tech2
A SAAB car (Here take my daughters 2004 SAAB for example)

How to:

Hook up Tech2 to the OBD2 port in your car. The scanner does not need software installation and can be used directly after connecting it to your car.

Insert 32MB card into Tech2
Run Tech2 diagnostic tool
Go to Diagnostic Mode
Select Diag >2003 >9-3 Sport Select Body>Exterior Lighting and Horn
Low beam adjustments
F0. Auto Low Beam also in Pos 0
Change setting to NO
Wait several seconds until the lights flicker and go out
Go to Fog Lights Front
Change to Position 1 & 2 ROW (Rest of World) Program and click Exit when finished.

After the programming, you will get:

Pos 0 > No Lights
Pos1 > Fogs and 5 Watt Headlamp / Parking Light
Pos3 > Low Beam, High Beam, Manual Control of Fogs

This process takes about 5 minutes. You can also turn the lights on following this process.

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