Should I buy SuperOBD NSPC001 or V6.0 Nissan Pin Code Calculator?

Hi, Daisy,

I need an Incode and Outcode calculator for 2010 Nissan Qashqai and other Nissan cars, espasialy those made after 2008. I found two calculators on your shop: SuperOBD NSPC001 and Nissan Pin Code Calculator V6.0, both of which are of the same price $149. Can you kindly let me know which one should I pick up? Thank you.


Dear Norman,

Thank you for your inquiry. NSPC001 supports reading out BCM codes from relatively new Nissan cars while Nissan Pin code calculator V6.0 can work on both old and new Nissan vehicles. The two tools both supports calculating 4 digit code. Below are some other differences between the two tools, hoping this helps you make a decision:

1. NSPC001 is a newly released device built by SuperOBD Group. Pin Code Reader for Nissan V6.0 is manufactured by Xhorse. Both SuperOBD and Xhorse are Chinese manufacturers that develop high quality OBD2 tools.

2. NSPC001 contain 100 tokens, this 100 tokens support newest 20 digit pin code reading, cost 1 token each time. Nissan pin code reader with 1000 tokens support 20 digit pin code reading as well and cost 5 tokens each time. It does not take any token to calculate 4 digit code, same as Nissan pin code reader. When the tokens are used up, they can still work for 4 digit code.

3. Nissan NSPC001 can read the codes directly after it is connected to the car and Nissan pin code reader needs a PC to run its software.

Best regards,

NSPC001 and Nissan pin code calculator