Mini VCI cable with Toyota TechStream $29.99 can and can’t be done

Mini VCI cable with TechStream is a $29.99 Toyota interface cable that comes with version 7 Techstream software and drivers that let me check/change a number of variables in my LX. I’m not a vendor, nor affiliated in any way – just purchased it off the web after reading several references to it while researching AHC threads here in .

This weekend I used it to:
A. read AHC pressures to correctly crank TBs (4 turns, both sides on original set up @ 116k did the trick) – front pressures now at nominal spec and confirmed rear springs are a little tired as rear AHC pressure just outside range. A valid pressure test removes a lot of speculation and blind cranking of TB’s on AHC vehicles. And yes, based on hitting my local calibrated speed hump at 30 mph it does dampen better with the correct TB/front pressure loading.
B. reset steering angle sensor to get rid of annoying 10 degree off centered wheel. Not sure how many alignment places reset the SAS as a matter of course, or if you don’t ask for it specifically. I know my local Firestone does a reasonable alignment in that the truck drives straight, equal turning effort and no uneven tire wear – but the wheel was never centered properly. Only time I had it aligned at the stealer they charged an extra $10, on top of the $129, to reset the SAS.
C. verified yaw and zero yaw sensor values were set to “0”
D. turn off the 3s delayed wipe after using windshield washer.
E. turn on “unlock all doors” with one push on remote (already had manually set lock/unlock on shifting from “P”).
F. adjusted headlight off and interior light delays.
G. ran “vehicle health check” and OBDII live tests to monitor O2 sensor voltages among other things, and won’t be buying replacement sensors (still original) now. No DTC or MIL, its just that some say 02s need to be replaced as a PM item, and others don’t feel the same way. So until I get a DTC I’ll leave them alone.

I haven’t used TechStream from the TIS site so can’t compare or comment on features and functions of the “official” software to what comes on the mini CD (V9.30.002 cracked), but I’m happy. Just changing the remote unlock and centering the wheel was worth $35 to me! Still learning what can and can’t be done, what utility/test features are enabled and what’s not, and what all the data means.

Some technicians who I know are using Mangoose VCI Toyota Techstream, also from this site, they say it can do as the vendor claimed, haven’t use it, wish have chance to have one.