OEM WIFI CarBrain C168 Bluetooth Scanner Free Download

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CarBrain C168
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How to use CarBrain C168 Scanner/How to install CarBrain C168

How to activate C168 scanner

Step 1 Send your ID code, serial number, model number to obd365 technician.
Step 2 We will send back you the newer ID code, SN and model number.
Step 3 You can activate by yourself.

Or you can check: CarBrain C168 Activation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be update?
A: It can be updated by Email. Update tips check here:

Q: Should I install it on win7 or win xp?
A: CarBrain C168 can be worked on Windows 7 operating system.

Q: Where can I get test cable, I have ruined mine?
A: If you need test cable, please check here: Test cable for CarBrain C168 Scanner

Q: Does this C168 support Spanish?
A: No, C168 does not support Spanish. It can only support English.

Q: Do I need to activate again when I change another computer?
A: Yes, you had to activate it again when change another computer.