Can I Use Autel J2534 with JLR Pathfinder Topix Cloud?

Question 1: Can I use Autel VCI j2534 doip interface like the Maxiflash Elite with JLR Topix Cloud or need JLR SDD doip?

Question 2: Autel J2534 has anyone used with jlr pathfinder I have it working with sdd but know pathfinder need doip so not sure if it will work?



Here is the clue.

The J2534 thats comes with it will allow you to connect to the OEM software to do the programming.

If you are using an Autel J2534 device then first download and install Maxi PC Suite on your laptop. After that you need to register your device in that and then you will be able to connect JLR using Autel J2534.


If your J2534 does not have a DoIP protocol, it won’t be able to handle Pathfinder information.

DoIP stands for diagnostics over IP or diagnostics over internet protocol.

One of our clients has a J2534 that came with the IM608, but does not have DoIP protocol,  and it wouldn’t work on 2019 Land rover.
Just wasn’t communicating with the car.  His IM608 JVCI did not have the right protocol did not meet with the landrover specs.



Which Autel J2534 comes with DoIP protocol?

Autel VCI200

Autel VCMI that comes with MSUltra

Autel JVCI+ that comes with IM608 II

New Autel MaxiFlash VCI that comes with Elite II pro,

Autel J2534 Doip

If comes with JLR SDD, Autel J2534 works fine with JLR SDD. All good. Even programmed ECM completely several times and coded immo functions.
Just tested today.

I had got installed Maxi Suit. Installed JLR SDD 163, restarted and open software until asks for automatic vin detection. Plugged j2534 Autel on usb port, wait 30 seconds. Click on autovin detection and j2534 and interface was detected ok (software sends an error about ignition voltage, obviously because interface was not plugged on a car). Looks like all works perfectly.


If you need a cheaper alternative that works perfectly with JLR Topix Cloud, VNCI JLR DoIP is the best one to go.

VNCI JLR DoIP Topix Cloud Online Programming Confirmed!