How to Update VNCI JLR DoIP to Work with Latest Topix Cloud?


Recently, JLR Pathfinder Topix was updated and they also updated the drivers for the original JLR DOIP VCI to version R2_4_22_62.

With the new version of Topix it also requires updated drivers for the VCI.

One of’s customers reported that after updating VNCI JLR DoIP VCI driver, the JLR VNCI did not work with the latest Pathfinder Topix Cloud. It used to work fine with JLR Topix for online programming (see review).


Error not connect VCI. Start update driver, it throws another error the connection between the PC and the VCI has broken.

Image attached:

Vnci Jlr Doip Latest Topix 2

Vnci Jlr Doip Latest Topix 1

Vnci Jlr Doip Latest Topix 3

Vnci Jlr Doip Latest Topix 4

Vnci Jlr Doip Latest Topix 5


JLR VCI driver version needs to match the firmware version in VNCI device manager.

Download VNCI JLR Device Manager update tool (to update firmware).

Update device manager software and VNCI JLR firmware to the latest version.

Vnci Jlr Doip Latest Driver

After upgrading the VNCI to latest firmware, the VCI has the latest drivers and is working with Topix.


User feedback:

It works after upgrading firmware to
Works fine with Pathfinder and latest version of Topix.