How to Use and Update Launch i-TPMS Service Tool?

Launch i-TPMS service tool user manual: How to connect, use and update software/firmware.


1.i-TPMS Function:

Replace the tire pressure sensor

Activate sensor

Program sensor ID

Query sensor OE part number

Generate tire pressure detection reports, etc.

Supports all 315/433MHz sensors (Launch sensors, OE sensors, Autel MX-Sensors).


Launch i-TPMS User Manual


2. Activate:

No activation is required. Pair the device with mobile phone (Android only at present) via Bluetooth and go.


3. App download

Scan QR code to install i-TPMS App (for Android only). iOS app under development.

Download I Tpms App

4. How to connect 

If use with Launch X431 diagnostic scanners, pair i-TPMS with X431 scanners via Bluetooth

Use I Tpms 1

If using standalone mode

Pair i-TPMS with mobile phone via Bluetooth

Use I Tpms 2



5. Update:

Firmware update:

Pair with Bluetooth and Connect device

Go to Settings-> Firmware Update

Launch I Tpms App

Current firmware version: V1.14

Launch I Tpms Firmware Update

Launch i-TPMS Software update:

Go to About and check the latest version and run an app upgrade.

Launch I Tpms Software Update

6. TPMS Activation 

7. TPMS Programming

Automatic programming

Manual programming

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