CG FC200 Read and Write VAG EDC17CP44 IMMO Off

How to use the CG FC200 ecu programmer to read and write EDC17CP44 ECU. It’s from an Audi car. This ECU has some internal damage on the unit but it’s working to be able to read and write.
Here we will read and write this ecu with fc200 on bench mode (when the software subscription expired). See what worked and failed.


Select ECU and check wiring diagram

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 2
Connect ECU with FC200 follow the wiring

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 1

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 3

Run FC200 software
We see the serial, the hardware of the MCU processor

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 4

The program already has the ECU clone option if can be cloned directly.
If we want to clone we need to load the original Pflash file but here we don’t want to clone, just want to read the Dflash.

Read and save Dflash

Now read PFlash

It’s reading the the PFlash and it’s work working quite well for this type of ECU.

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 6

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 7

Click on the Modify VIN option, it is not working as the software has expired, need to renew your subscription to access the server.
Normally if we don’t have a subscription the FC200 will work. you can read and write normally you cannot perform the online functions because your tool ID is not authorized for the server.
Here we want to write the Dflash.
Upload original Dflash
Write Dflash successfully

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 7 1

If we click ECU clone
Load original pflash
FC200 asks to select correction of checksum signature is updated

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 8
It failed to clone ECU because software has expired and cannot get authorization code.
If don’t have software subscription you cannot do ECU clone and also other modifications.


We will go back and hit Data process

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 9
Select anti-theft processing of VAG
Load Dflash
Load Pflash
Press Parse data
we will get VIN, CS
We don’t have MAC and PIN

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 10

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 11

If we go to MEDC17 and theft system
We can load pflash and turn off the MEDC17 IMMO system
Save immo off data
IMMO off with cg fc200 successfully

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 12

Cg Fc200 Audi Edc17cp44 13