Foxflash Iveco Daily 2020 DCU17PC43 SCR Off

Foxflash new feedback today from one of the‘s customers.


‘Iveco Daily VII 2020 SCR off

You need to make two drivers to make it work, ECU and DCU.

Foxflash Fiat DCU17PC43 0
ECU EDC17C49 Read, write on bench, checksum by foxflash.

Foxflash Fiat DCU17PC43 3

Iveco EDC17C49 bench pinout to foxflash

Foxflash Iveco Edc17c49 Pinout 1

Foxflash Iveco Edc17c49 Pinout 2

To read and write use the following driver:



→ TC1797 – IVECO

→ EDC17 C49


Adblue module Iveco DCU17PC43 scr off
pinout from the internet

Foxflash Fiat DCU17PC43 1
Read by Fiat DCU17PC42.

Write error
Write by Hyundai DCU24,
Checksum by Winols.
Works great.’

Foxflash Fiat DCU17PC43 4